Random Ramblings: TBR out of control

I've been slacking, and I know it.

Well, I did get a lot of reading done, just typing the (longer) review, was a bit... I want to say daunting, but that's not entirely true.
I've been writing so much copy for work, that blogging started to feel like work too, and I've been putting it off a bit.
I'll start posting, I promise. Probably in a free-er form than the rigid 1-Post-A-Day-With-A-Designated-Theme.

I've been trying (desperately, and failing) to get a grip on my tbr, though. I've made a special spreadsheet, where I'm tracking on a daily basis, how many titles I've read, and how many have been added to my tbr.
I'm trying to shrink the list, to no avail, at the moment. As I'm writing this, my current tbr on Goodreads is 2176. And if I'm honest, I have to admit that I have paper list of about another 1200 titles that still need to be added to that list...

According to my tracksheet, I added, over the last 30 days, my 'all books list' grew with 670 titles, of which I read 84, so *only* 586 went onto my tbr....

*Bangs head against desk* I need to either read more, or be more picky about what I add to my list. And that's probably the root of my problem: I like reading too much. (Is there such a thing?) I love reading everything, from smut to classics. Well, alright, I don't like horror, and some paranormal romances are too far out for me, but other than that...

Anyways, I suppose I should get back to reading ;)