A Fresh Start

A squiky clean, fresh blog!
A place to fill with rants and ravings about books and movies!

As I try to get into a nice rhythm, this blog will get steadily filled with old and new reviews.

Up until now I mainly reviewed my books on Goodreads, and movies on Rinema, and I'll be transfering those reviews to here, accompanied by some extra comments (if the mood to write strikes ;) ).
I'm also planning to be active on LibraryThing and BookBub.

So hold on to your hats, for Tuesday Thrills, Frilly Fridays and SciFi Saturdays (amongst other things). I'll try and post daily, so make sure you follow!

I'm not partial to any specific genre, and I do like older books. So you'll see lots of reviews for classics, and (maybe) forgotten books, as well as thoughts on some of the newly (or soon-to-be) published tomes.
Same goes for movies, really.