SciFi & Fantasy Saturday: Cursed (The Watchers #1) - S.J. West

Gasp! I read another Paranormal Romance... Apparantly, these things are like viruses: Once you caught the bug, it's hard to get rid off...

Cursed (The Watchers, #1)Cursed by S.J. West
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 stars, rounded up because I'm feeling generous (and apolgetic, I made some snarky remarks about this whilst reading).

This is not a book I would have picked to read, under normal circumstances. But I was doing a reading challenge, and the book had to feature an angel. This was one of the first ones that came up, and actually, I'm glad I read it.

To be fair, I didn't like the first 30% of the book. I do have to admit, I was in a foul mood, and so made a lot of snarky updates. Around the 40% mark, I started laughing. And around 65-70% I felt like I just HAD to know how the story continued.

Originally, I wanted to describe this as Twilight with a touch of Final Destination, but it's really more like True Blood, especially (SPOILER ALERT: with all the vampires, werewolves and shifters fallen angels fawning over the main character END SPOILER).

Anyways, it was actualy a fun and gripping story, once I got into it. And the other 2 parts of the trilogy are going onto my tbr. (I do currently have a paranormal romance overdose, I read to many stories in this genre lately, and it's actually one of my least favourite genres. That being said, me giving this 3.5 stars is really something).

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