Frilly Friday - The Devil Wears Prada

Frilly Fridays are reserved for, you guessed it; a frilly read.

What is a frilly read, I hear you ask? For me, it encompasses the world of historical romance, supersweet romantic novels and general chick lit.

Today's read is an older one (I read it at the start of the year), and here's my original review, by which I still stand. I liked the movie a whole lot better than the book...

The Devil Wears Prada The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Okay.... Honestly, I'm rather dissapointed with this book. I hate to say this, but the movie was better.

The book wasn't badly written, I just really, really disliked this version of Andy. In the book she's a whining, self-centered, stealing (yes, stealing. Making all those extra expenses and charging them to the company is stealing. She even admits she does it to spite her employer) and disrespectful person.

Also, Miranda isn't nearly as evil as the title wants you to believe. She's just demanding, and rightfully so (in my opinion. She didn't get were she's now without working hard).
As for the complaints for being on call 24/7: Andy was hired as a personal assistant. That comes with the territory, everyone knows that. And the promised pay-off for a year of servitude isn't bad either.

Here's the big difference between the movie and the book: the girl Ann Hathaway portrayed seemed to have a nice personality, Andy Sach's personality is bordering on vile.
It takes her best friend having an almost-fatal accident to have her consider anyone else then herself, and even then, I, as a reader, am not convinced this is a lasting change.
The subjects of her freelance stories (which sound like they're bordering on tell-all vengeance) seem to support this.

Oh, and the way Andy leaves Paris? Rather immature. I understand the stress of the past year building up, but really, I don't believe that warrants the cursing.

This review was probably a bit of a rambling, that's just because my thoughts on the book. If it hadn't been for Andy Sachs, I would have liked it.

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